@Burk nice choice on color 🧡. Can I assume you got them for the color alone?

@sexyhermit how did the Bighorn 100 go this past weekend?

@Burk is this how your awesome setup page was created 😁. Should I hold off in giving you all the credit for that one?

@pimoore that could have been 🤣. Now I feel bad that I confused it by stopping and then running faster away.

@Gaby yes it was a good movie and everyone enjoyed it but my oldest (12), who just got a iPhone (wife’s old one 😁), kept using it sooo…. No idea what he thought 🤣

@Gaby did you just watch it tonight? We just did at our house and now trying to get kids to bed 🤦‍♂️

@Gaby whoa.... Nice save! 😎

@jean Happy Birthday! 🎉

@Burk very nice! Is it almost and orangish color? Granted I have a Garmin watch but my next band I think will be Orange… Now if only they would have made an iPhone Mini in orange 😁

@AlanGMarz looks like an amazing place and awesome pictures!

@Burk oh that is a really cool looking pen! I used to have some but alas I am not sure where any went anymore. Also, now I just don’t write stuff on paper as much anymore but maybe a new pen could change that 🤣

@sexyhermit nice! Have you done this one before? Also, good luck, it looks like it has quite a bit of elevation looking at the profile. However, this is from someone who runs around Minnesota 🤣.

@sexyhermit that is some serious millage. What race do you have this weekend?

@Burk looks good!

@manton nicely done from a moving car! Great picture.

@spgreenhalgh parenting made it hard for me to get in a good rhythm of running once I started back up a while back. Took a lot more planning than I would have liked and just to figure out when to run 😁. Hope you can get back into it this summer!

@jean I am one of those crazy runners that seems to be addicted to it... For good or bad 😁. I once ran a 5k a day for 365 days.

@Gaby Everybody's doing something, we'll do nothing. - George from Seinfeld 🤣

@Gaby so what are you going to do?

@Gaby I have had this same conversation in my head on both YouTube and Podcasts. I think podcasts would be an easier workload in my life but The What is what I always struggle with.

@pimoore thanks! This is the same park but different path today. I found it interesting that since I ran it on Monday they chopped the grass along the sides.

@pimoore looking good! Pull the hat off well something I don’t think I could do…

@patrickrhone couldn't agree more! I think in my older age I dislike the heat more and more 😒

@patrickrhone well said!

@pimoore in the winter when it is buried in snow is even more interesting 🤣. But then no water to really worry about.