@Burk no I still see stuff earlier than that in the day (guess I am on the web not sure if that is what you are using too).

@jthingelstad nice looking setup you have going on there!

@patrickrhone Really sharp looking cards!

@jmreekes great picture! I miss those mountains as it has been a while since I skied there.

@jthingelstad wow that is crazy to see it like this. Probably kind of cool to walk around but…. Just wow!

@ridwan which one did you go with?

@manton awesome! I used too have HO scale when I was younger. Actually still have the trains and cars just nothing else now.

@jthingelstad looks like a great view and way to start the day.

@lmika awesome! Looking forward to giving this a go tomorrow.

@jthingelstad meant to ask as well, I have been curious about your “link” site. Is it just another M.b because it seems like it is not tied to your normal one. I like how it is separate from your normal site from a M.b timeline perspective it looks all together.

@jthingelstad this is very interesting from a novelty perspective but I don’t think I would actually use it going forward. However, now that I think about it, it would maybe have an interesting use for a link blog.

@canion well I know what I will listen to on my run today 😁. Now if only you guys could create like a 4 hr episode to last me for my upcoming marathon that would be awesome 😆

@tinyroofnail awesome picture! Also, lots of places I would love to visit.

@Burk out of curiosity did you actually put it somewhere outside or just under your roof overhang or something? I have a shed in my backyard that I currently get a connection but wondering if I should do something a little better for it (note at some point electricity is heading out there so maybe I should drop a wire in the same trench 😁)

@Burk do you have a shed or building you are taking it to?

@Gaby catching up on things today and really enjoy this 30 day challenge you set for yourself 🙌

@areyouageek great post! I really enjoyed reading your stats (as I am sure you probably saw mine) and I am still blow away at how long your streak has gone. It is interesting how yours kind of started off like mine. Small and just kept growing and then it was such a habit you don’t even think of stopping. Hindsight, I kind of wish I wouldn’t have stopped but not sure if I would have started to run all of these longer runs if I wouldn’t have taken a break and reset my mind/body. I am running at a much slower clip now even from when I was running longer miles back when I was only doing 5k a day.

@maique yeah, I like to blame her but after I get moving I am glad as it is so peaceful out at that hour and normally you can catch a nice sunrise.

@canion @burk you are correct or maybe said “until I might die” 🤷‍♂️… 😁

@martinfeld some days it is easy some days it is a battle with my mind 😁

@ptrck Thanks!

@areyouageek I completely agree with you as I enjoy the quite mornings when it is just starting to get light.

@manton of course after I wrote it and started looking around more I did realize there is differences. I will probably flip back and forth for a while. The one nice thing is now it is Dark on mobile as sometimes I don't use the apps and go directly to the website.

@manton nice! Guess I can turn off the Dark Mode userscript that @burk created. Once I found that I have always had dark mode turned on it was a great little script.

@renevanbelzen awesome! Can’t wait to hear about how it goes when you get everything setup.