@Gaby going to check out their website now 😁. I always like picking up some interesting coffees from small local places around the US. ☕️

@Gaby nice shiny new site 😁… Looking forward to hearing more as you use both and if you will struggle to know what goes where. Seems like you have a good idea though.

@Burk that is a good point and looking at my desk I just reazlied I had three beverages as well. Cold Brew Coffeee, Espresso (I just made) and Water. So I guess this three beverage thing isn't odd. I approve!

@Burk kind of suprised they all weren't orange colored to match the notebook and Mac 😁

@ridwan yes, him and his friends all were eyeing me closely. The funny thing is taking this picture I didn’t see the others in the distance because it was so dark. Only running past (I crossed the street to not disrupt them or have them chase me) I noticed the others. So it was cool to see them in the photo I took. It is shocking how the iPhones can really brighten up the dark night.

@pimoore yeah that area is probably one of my favorites as it is just north of me not even a mile to the trails and you feel like you are no where near houses.