A true “lunch run” today 🀣… Too bad my sushi got a little tossed around 🀷

Too much pressure and not enough coffee this morning to really choose a side @hemisphericviews πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ πŸ˜‚

Well this is super annoying that my work computer is off by 7 min. Of course they have locked it down so I can’t force sync it or change it which is just as annoying.. Wait a min maybe they think I am always late for meetings and this is a way to make me show up early 🀣

Need more coffee already today… Trying to knock out my self-assessment and employees quarterly performance reviews β˜•πŸ₯±

I really wasn’t feeling it today but after I got out there I just kept powering through. Luckily I found a nice little trail to run on next to the lake which was amazing… πŸƒ

Who knows maybe this wasn’t really a trail 😁

Such a busy day with random work stuff but I am thankful for working from home so I can quickly sneak away and go for a run πŸƒ… Not to mention finding a new path is always a plus 😁

I am so far behind in all of my Podcasts after listening to a book tape over the last week while running. Today I was able to start catching up and was kept entertained by @HemisphericViews Episode 26. However, now I seem to want to by an iPhone or iMac 🀷 (not an Apple TV 🀣).

Looks like I need to figure out more and better ways to deter these little acrobatic critters.. 🐿️

Did some exploring yesterday on a long run from the Lowry Nature Center to the Lake Minnetonka LRT Regional Trail in order to connect up with our last week’s run. Now there is only one section left on this that Trail I am missing to connect it to Hopkins πŸ˜πŸƒ

In the Background of Pictures

I often take pictures while out running as a way to document random things I see or things of interest. However, today’s picture eas entirely random to the spot but felt it gave a good view of the trail and beautiful day we were having here in Minnesota. It doesn’t tske me long to take a quick picture and put my phone away but to my surprise as i kept running there were some deer watching me. In fact, looking back at my photo now I can spot one but I didnt see it tell after I started up again. Makes me wonder in other pictures I have taken if I would look closer I would find something interesting 😁.

I know this has happened before but sometimes I get this feeling that I am being watched while I work… πŸ‘€πŸ§πŸΆ

Can’t believe I just cut my run short today for a 10 min meeting that was scheduled for an hour 🀦

Meet Stella...

Meet Stella… I found her out on my run today and nowhere near my house. Between myself and another lady, that saw her at the same time while driving by, we were able to reunite this pup with her family. Added a half-mile of walking for me while carrying the pup until I could continue my run and in the end made me getting home later than planned… but well worth it. πŸƒπŸΆ

After returning Stella, I still managed to finish the run as planned with some great views and a fun little trail.

Early morning global meetings today…
βœ… Coffee
βœ… Amazingly comfortable and stylishly shirt from @HemisphericViews 😁
βœ… Second, third and more cups of coffee β˜•β˜•β˜•

πŸ”— The FBI might have gone ahead and fixed your Microsoft email server

This is very interesting indeed… πŸ€” I wonder if come May 9th any thing else will come out about this after people have been notified.

Some late night video work in the “studio” for a school project. He should be super thankful that his mom has the right equipment to create a well lit studio 😁

Done and done! Thankful for modern medicine…

Still working through some email triaging after taking last week off… Going to need more coffee β˜•

Really great episode of Micro @Monday, if anyone hasn’t already you should check it out. Episode 100 where @jean and @manton talk all about Micro.blog with guest @PatrickRhone

To think exploring Parks when visiting new places can make you famous 🀣

Another late afternoon exploring on the Central Lakes Trail πŸƒ

Watching how the critiquing is done from behind the judges table while my girls are on stage… Go Sister Squad!

Not a great start to a Friday… I got out to the kitchen to find my coffee pot ready to go like normal only it wasn’t, the coffee was cold 😨. Not sure what I am going to do if it is broken but I will get to the bottom of this soon (or replace it quickly πŸ˜„). β˜•β˜•

Forty https://upnorth.blog/2021/03/forty/

I felt like I was being watched while working today and turned around to see the doodle staring at me… πŸ‘€πŸΆ