@Burk nice! Can’t wait to see the end result.

@Burk this is great! So family or fiends you aren’t as fond of you make them pay 🤣

@lmika sounds like some great progress on the sync. Can’t wait to hear more about it and maybe soon give it a try 😁

@Gaby what did you do different this time?

@Gaby I know! The worst is always trying to remember to wake up in the middle of the night to do it or chance it and wait till morning. The good thing is she is new to it so it is easy to find the tooth and all. Towards the end for my son he started to try to be sneaky and hid the tooth in random places around his pillow in hopes to probably “catch” the fairy 🤣

@jthingelstad I know right 🤦‍♂️. For each kids first tooth however I have typically given them a two dollar bill, since you can’t find too many of them anymore.

@Gaby nice and looking forward to hearing how this goes as I have recently thought about it. Question, if you are going to setup a link going forward so all M.b posts go directly to DayOne or just do another export at some point?

@jack nice set of movies there!

@Burk ooooh... I missed it for today but I think that is a go for tomorrow. If anything some homemade salsa is in order for tomorrow assuming I have the ingredients 😃

@areyouageek awesome! Mine was just over a year and it was a 5k a day wrote about it here. I guess I only stopped because I wanted to start running longer but it was hard to make the adjustment to not running daily and I do miss it. I might have to fall back into the daily running after the Marathon I am scheduled to run coming up. Also, thanks for the heads up about the US Running Streak Association as I really had no idea it existed. Funny there is an actual Association for it but also really cool.

@areyouageek just reading your about page and you are a “streak runner”. Was it one stretch of time or are you still going? Also, when you did it or are doing it is there a specific miles or minutes per day or just some running each day? Did a streak myself once so I am curious.

@Gaby I feel like you were reading my mind as after you mentioned it the other day I downloaded Ulysses to give a try. Still early as I haven’t used it too much yet but time will tell. I used it today to post something quick and I will say that was super slick.

@areyouageek great picture! Sky is so blue and no one is there 👍

@pimoore nice and can’t wait to hear what the plan is 😁

@jthingelstad remind me do you sell these or just make them for yourself?

@tinyroofnail great picture! So where in Maine were you located? My family and I go out there every couple of years and always loved it.

@renevanbelzen looks like a great view to run around!

@ridwan I will be curious to see what others think and where you land on this topic. I am thinking of letting my Evernote subscription run out at the end of this year and I am on the fence at what to do going forward. I have a lot of stuff in OneNote because i use that for work, however, after trying to use it for more personal stuff I am not sure if that is my perfect solution.

@Alligator ha! Yeah they seem to be out lately. I actually ran across a smaller one today again as well.

@Burk @martinfeld I did not name it… Yet 😁… Seems like someone has pizza on their mind.

@Burk right… I really should look into a new wallpaper as this one is quite bright at night 🤣

@Burk I wonder how much companies that have been hacked pay to allow consumers to then have Free Identity theft protection. Almost, seem like that is now just a cost to do business everyone gets Free Identity theft protection and all the other companies can just pony up every year for it 🤦‍♂️😁

@gr36 curious your reason for leaving M.b all together? I guess I understand if you just want to post in WordPress and use that as a blogging platform but you could still interact in M.b.

@mpmilestogo I might have to take another look into IAWriter as well. I did a while back but it was when I used my Android devices and lets just say they didn’t have all the features the iOS ones did.

@Gaby might have to give that a look as it seems like it could have some promise based on how you use it and what I might be looking for.