@jayeless that is probably accurate either treats or wondering if I am going to make a Peanut butter sandwich for lunch so she can have some too 😁.

@Gaby 🀣 I hadn't heard of that story but anyone with kids understands checking your shoes before you just cram your feet into them..

@bradjadkins welcome! Sounds interesting and can't wait to hear what is up first.

@maique πŸ€”.... Well there is lots of questions that come to mind nextπŸ˜„

@Burk love this "Top 5" list 🀣. I would agree with you as I have found this is one of the only ones I check when I find time these days.

@ridwan just curious so are you using Write.as as your blog then?

@gregmoore wow, great job capturing that shot! My daughter has been hoping a woodpecker shows up in her new bird feeder but I am not as hopeful as years back one pecked a hole in our house.

@patrickrhone congrats!

@Gaby that is actually impressive! I feel like I have been sucked in so much I wouldn't even know how to quit πŸ˜†

@HemisphericViews well well well... It was my lucky day. Can't wait to stick this sticker somewhere!

@Burk I still need to start 😁... However, I like to drag this process out as I always have something more interesting to do.

@jack thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. I have not tried Blot but I have been thinking a lot about what I want the source of posting to be as I too don't want to have two spots. However, sometimes I think longer form would be easier for me to write outside of M.b and then just have that shared back (probably just me).

@Burk not sure how your view of this was in Notion but I like this view. Also, I had never thought to keep track of Games like this but very interesting. I don't play too many now anyways but might help me remember what I have played and maybe why I stopped πŸ˜„

@Gaby I run into that same issue when I am about to finish something (mostly audiobooks). However, what I then is just silly as I start listening to Podcasts or other things to try to avoid finishing the book just because I don't want to be done with it, and move on to the next 🀷

@maique Happy Brithday! πŸ₯³

@jthingelstad Looks like a beautiful day for a hike! I completely agree with you on almost getting lost on some of the trails in the Arizona mountains. I was running on one a couple years ago and there were so many paths that crossed or just kind of disappeared I think at points I was nowhere near actual paths/trails.

@Burk this is very interesting and I actually can't believe you have already switched / discarded most of your Amazon stuff already. I feel like you just talked about it a week ago! Also, it almost sounds like a board game or something "Escaping the Amazon".

@maique Looks good! I meant to sign up for one but forgot and now he is taking a break from creating them for now. Hope he starts back up soon as they do look really cool!

@ridwan nice! That one will be a hard one for me as there is a couple people that is the only way I communicate with them. That being said I haven't been using it much this year but tried to post a picture there last night and just felt overly clunky as I was also posting it on Micro.blog since that is my goto these days.

@Burk what are you using now instead of AWS? Also, will be interested to hear how this goes going forward for other delivery items.

@whoatowow wow that is something new. I have not seen and don't envy all of the layers you have to get through but good luck!

@Mikehendley amazing work!

@hjalm no jokes from me here if anything I am jealous as I have been out one for almost over a week.

@patrickrhone that is really cool!

@ohBananaJoe I agree completely with that statement!