Got this book late yesterday and can’t wait to dive into it. I have chatted with one of the authors (@semi_rad) breifly over the past couple of years and I would hands down recommend all of his books and work. If you haven’t already check out his stuff or this book.

Power went out at our house which is not ideal for working… Seems like a good time for a run and I will just hope it is back on when I return… 🏃

Does anyone else find themselves switching up locations in their house to work who typically never worked from home?

It is that time of year again for the 2020 Ugly Sweater Contest - Better late than never. Statment seems all too fitting for 2020 right?

Seems about right for a Monday, started the coffee pot and take the dog outside. When I get back I realized I didn’t put the coffee grounds in ☕ 🤦‍♂️.. Let’s try this again.

Global organizations sometimes mean extra early mornings… 🥱☕

Sometimes the only time to fit a workout in is late at night when the streets are quiet… 🏃🌃

Want to change a bunch of things at once but I know I need to be patient in order to get things right… However, I still need to move forward slowly or else nothing will get done 😁

Lovely Fall day for a run blazing my own trail… 🍂🏃🌨️

First snow run of the 2020-2021 season in the books and in shorts 😁… 🏃🌨️

Got out early today to catch the sunrise and as a bonus no one was at the waterfalls… 🏃🏞️

Last RV camp trip of 2020 in the books. Drove home early today, cleaned it out and winterized it. 🏕️

Nothing beats a fall run with some views… 🏃

Hiking to a waterfall on a cold day…

Dark morning runs are not all bad but I would prefer having the sun peeking through the trees ... 🏃

#morning, #running, #trail-running

New day, new site, new running goal... GO! 🏃🌄

#running, #sunrise #morning