I have read something similar to this a while ago as well but I think Seth Godin says it well that typically disagreements begin with emotions - “That’s not what I meant”

Question for the Micro.Blog community… I am guessing it is better to have an actual Micro.Blog site verses hosting or having a WordPress one that just feeds the Micro.Blog community? Trying to figure out the pros and cons in while learning how this community works.

No work on Thursday and Friday means up late working trying to stay afloat so Monday isn’t a disaster… Oh also, nothing beats trying to figure out your yearly goals last min 🤷‍♂️

Dark morning runs are not all bad but I would prefer having the sun peeking through the trees ... 🏃

#morning, #running, #trail-running

It has been interesting playing around with this new Micro.Blog format. I think long term if I get into it I will probably just pay for a yearly plan. However, for now, I will see what I can do with WordPress and utilizing a free option.

New day, new site, new running goal... GO! 🏃🌄

#running, #sunrise #morning